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Free water testing - RYE (VIC)

Along with cleaning and proper pool and water maintenance, it is strongly recommended to have your pool water tested regularly. This will ensure optimum swim environment and maximise the life of the pool.

AQUA POOL & SPA SPECIALISTS offers a free water testing service for the convenience of its customers. Just bring in a sample of your water in a clean container and we can analyse it for you. This will allow you to know what is going on with your pool or spa. If there is any problem with the results we can provide qualified and appropriate solutions.

Biolab's water testing service is free, contact us today for more information.

Contact details

Email: info@aquapoolandspaspecialists.com.au
ABN: 13104116770

Opening hours :

- Winter 9-5 Monday to Friday, 9.30-12.00 Saturdays
- Summer 9-5 Monday to Friday 9.00-1.00 Saturdays

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