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Pool Chemicals Rye

To control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water, the appropriate chemicals must be used.

Chemicals to keep your pool safe

Among the various types of pool chemicals used to keep water clean, the chlorine one is the most common. Sanitizers are other types of chemicals that are used especially used to kill critters in the pool that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. Oxidizers on the other hand, eliminate impurities like sweat and suntan oils etc. PH controllers are also very important chemicals. They help to manage the pH which can have a very bad effect on the skin. Finally, chemicals like stabilisers are used to help keep other pool chemicals in action in the water. If you are based in Rye, you can get the assistance of AQUA POOL & SPA SPECIALISTS to keep your pool in good condition.

Founded in 2007, the company has extensive experience and expertise in pool maintenance. They also stock a range of chemicals for use.

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