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Pool Maintenance Rye

A swimming pool is not only used for swimming and leisure purposes but it has also many health benefits. However, it is strongly recommended to properly maintain it.

Why should you properly maintain your pool?

Pool maintenance can be a tedious job, but it's an important part of keeping your pool clean, in good condition and safe for years of enjoyment. It is essential to check the water balance and the pH of the water. The PH should neither be too acidic or too alkaline as this can have uncomfortable effects on the skin. A too high or too low pH value can also have a negative impact on the pool's liner, ladders, hand rails or other equipment. Another important feature to take into account is the calcium hardness of the water. Regularly testing the water for bacterial or biological infections is also important for the health of the people using the pool.

AQUA POOL & SPA SPECIALISTS is a company based in Rye that offers high class and professional pool maintenance services to keep your pool safe for you and your family. Do contact them today!

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